Our Teletherapists

The World's Best Therapists, at your fingertips.

Excellent therapy starts with excellent therapists. EBS certified telepractitioners are highly trained in providing the best services through telepractice. We believe that consistent, individualized, and evidence-based therapy practices are the key to success. As a result, our professionals are experts at motivating children to make progress and thrive through our interactive therapy platform!

Every EBS telepractitioner is required to complete orientation and training to become proficient in turning a web-conference room into a therapy room that captivates, challenges, and fosters development in each student. EBS telepractitioners are uniquely qualified, prepared, and confident in their ability to provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Regularly scheduled intervention services for students who have speech, language, fluency, and voice disorders
  • IEP development and implementation
  • Participation in IEP and eligibility meetings
  • Assessments and observations
  • Facilitator training
  • Consultative services with classroom teachers and parents
  • Optimal, secure, HIPPA and FERPA compliant internet connectivity
  • Utilizing unique intervention tools designed exclusively for the telepractice setting
  • Behavior Therapy, Child Psychology, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy services