After I generate a report in Qglobal, is that the report I print for the school? Or do I need to upload something into the school’s system?

Joe Comeau Assessments, QGlobal

This depends on what the school requires.
Some clinicians have to submit their reports in a specific format (layout), and the special education director or lead SLP may have a template they can share with you. If you  generate a MSWord report from QGlobal, you can copy and paste the testing info from the QGlobal report into the school’s form or report.
If all of the info has to be entered into the school’s digital documentation/IEP system, you can copy and paste your report info into that.
If your school will allow you to use your own format, you could write a short summary of the tests you administered, and then attach each QGlobal report, since QGlobal generates a separate report for each test. Think of it as a “cover page” summary that is accompanied by each of the QGlobal reports you generated.
Check with your special education director or lead SLP to find out what they prefer or require.
Finally – if you are generating your own report using your own style layout, it’s always best to submit your report as a .PDF file so nothing can be altered or changed.