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Parent Page

Please send parents to the following page for information on the Summer Extended Year program:

Speech Pathology Resources

Ultimate SLP

Occupational and Physical Therapy Websites

Ideas for Activities and Interventions:

A Kid’s Heart

Be Active Kids

Go Noodle

Handwriting Heroes

Kids Activity Blog

Live and Learn Farm

Miss Jaime, OT: Helping Parents to Help Their Kids

OT Mom learning activities

OT Schoolhouse includes blog posts, podcasts and webinars

PE Resources from home (no school) 2020

The OT Toolbox

Therapy Street for Kids

Your Therapy Source

Handwriting Interventions:

A website to make custom-made, handwriting worksheets

Co-Sketch is a multi-user, online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to modify and share pictures and graphics to address students’ needs

Donna Young- downloadable handwriting paper

Ideas for writing interventions with younger and older students

Intervention ideas for students in preschool to Grade 5


Worksheets and activities for primary students


Dance Mat Typing

Free Typing Game (free typing games, lessons, and test (wpm) for various ages; eye exercises)



Touch Typing

Visual, Visual Motor & Visual Perceptual Activities:

Ed helper (worksheets and activities to improve visual motor/visual perceptual skills)

Eye Can Learn (eye exercises for visual health and school success)

Go To Free Games (games including concentration, mah jong, sequencing, solitare, etc.)

Highlights (children's magazine is famous for their hidden pictures; figure ground)

Jigzone (jigsaw puzzles are wonderful for developing visualization and form constancy skills)

Lanternfish (worksheets for a variety of visual perception areas, including crosswords and word searches)


Northwest Vision and Learning Center (worksheet database for visual perceptual areas and "tangram" puzzles to improve visualization and form constancy skills)

Scholastic (I Spy games and activities; figure ground)



Vision and Learning (guide for parents and educators; form constancy and visualization)

Gross Motor:

Go Noodle


Let’s Get Moving


OT/PT Videos