Telxcel2 Privacy Policy

Telxcel2 is Committed to Student Privacy

Telxcel2 maintains the privacy and security of all confidential student data. This privacy statement has been adopted to address the collection and use of personal information and student data by Telxcel2. This statement is subject to change over time, as the technologies used to provide services via the Internet continue to develop and evolve. Despite changes in technology, any alterations to this statement will not affect Telxcel2’s commitment to privacy.

 What information does Telxcel2 collect?

Student Data

Telxcel2 collects data as a vendor to educational agencies and institutions (EAs) only in order to provide information and/or services. Any information collected about students is the possession of the district and can be removed from Telxcel2 at the request of the school district or institution.

As a practice, Telxcel2 requires users to add as little information about students as possible to allow basic functionality. For example, information such as student diagnoses and IEP goals is not required. The only personally identifiable information (PII) required to provide services is the student’s name, related email addresses, school name, and district name.  

Telxcel2 includes locations where therapists can add notes about their students and sessions to improve therapy delivery. These sections are completely voluntary and can be left blank if the therapist and district choose.  

Computer Information

Telxcel2 collects only basic information about the devices it connects with. Any information collected is used only to prevent malicious intrusion and to improve service delivery. Telxcel2 does not use cookies. Telxcel2 does not employ services such as Google Analytics.

How long does Telxcel2 keep student data?

Unless an educational agency or institution requests differently, Telxcel2 saves student data for a period of 2 years after the student’s last attended visit.

How does Telxcel2 protect student data?

Telxcel2 implements stringent HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant security measures to promote confidentiality, integrity, and availability of any information in the possession of Telxcel2. All personally identifiable information/student data stored on Telxcel2 is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. All transfers of student data are accomplished using SSL protocols which ensure data is encrypted during transmission between servers and devices.

Only persons directly related to student services have access to student data. These persons include therapists assigned to the school the student attends and District Administrators who oversee those therapists. No employees of Telxcel2 or EBS Healthcare who are not also contracted with the individual school district have access to student data.

Contact Telxcel2

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