Benefits of Telepractice

EBS Telepractice works!

Children deserve access to great therapy services, no matter where they live. Thanks to EBS Telepractice, children can gain access to secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant services from the comfort of their school or home! That means no more waiting to find the right therapist. Children can begin teletherapy almost immediately, empowering districts to give children the help they need AND remain compliant with their Individual Education Plans (IEP).

By utilizing digital technology in a fun and engaging format, teletherapy is exceptionally kid friendly. Today’s children are comfortable with computers and love game-based activities such as video interactions and digital learning. In this rapidly developing technological world, the digital dimensions of online therapy, telehealth, and online university classes have become very natural and almost expected. For many children, teletherapy is less intimidating than the traditional face-to-face therapy and has been shown to drive even better results for some.